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Bringing the benefits of Blockchain to business

Our mission is to radically simplify enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies

We accelerate innovation by providing the foundations that businesses can build upon; ensuring that they focus on business application development, not blockchain infrastructure

Introducing Sextant

Our powerful blockchain management platform and enterprise-grade Hyperledger Sawtooth distribution

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Blog: When Hyperledger Sawtooth Met Kubernetes - Simplifying Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Hyperledger blog post and case study on the story behind Sextant and how we teamed up with Digital Asset to deliver DAML Smart Contracts for Hyperledger Sawtooth deployed and managed on Kubernetes using Sextant

Blog: It’s Spring - Time To Dust Off Forrester’s Blockchain Predictions

Check out Martha Bennett's post featuring Hyperledger Sawtooth, Sextant and Digital Asset's decision to open source DAML and make this available on Sawtooth and the VMware Blockchain Platform

Press Release: Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Partners to deliver DAML Smart Contracts for Hyperledger Sawtooth

Customers gain additional deployment option after Blockchain Technology Partners leverages the new DAML Integration Toolkit and open source runtime

Report: Blockchain Technology Partners launches management platform Sextant on AWS

451 Research Report by Csilla Zsigri, Senior Analyst - Blockchain & Distributed Databases

Our Services

We work with our customers to deliver blockchain-based solutions that differentiate their business from their competitors

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BTP Services

Our Value

“BTP has a clear value proposition – bringing the benefits of blockchain to business – and its leadership team has the necessary expertise to bring together the components to deliver” — Csilla Zsigri, 451 Research Impact Report

“We’re also seeing enterprise-grade tooling emerge from startups, such as Blockchain Technology Partners’ Sextant, a management tool for Sawtooth” — Martha Bennett, Forrester Predictions 2019

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